Andrea Borsuk

Two Time Art Party Participant
Sororal Security



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Artist’s Statement

My work explores archetypes of beauty and femininity through a map of invented fantasies. I play with a matrix of contrast and disjuncture that both celebrates and critiques the diversity of feminine prototypes. I am interested in the cultural interpretations of the female form as a composite of historical and popular cultures. Wind, sky, weather, and the decorative device of jewelry are central to my work. Various ornaments and charms from pop culture create new visual repetitions of familiar patterns. These seductive yet common images hold profound, fleeting histories. They become “mementi mori” that both distract and entice one’s gaze into formal, confounding and satirical new narratives with each other. 

The most recent work explores the voices of the Moirae, the three sisters of fate from Greek mythology. These goddesses spin, weave, measure and ultimately cut the strings of destiny. Depending on the winds, these fateful ‘jewels in the sky’ reveal our histories as a grab bag of trinkets. They represent the ancient and everyday, the demure and the brazen. 

My work invites the viewer to explore these relationships to one another, and, most vitally, to invent a new story.