Anne Marie Sconberg

Six Time Art Party Participant • Art party supporter
Stable System , Portrait of Henry McKeanRiddle of the Stable System: Portrait of Henry P. McKean, Jr.


Stable System project

1. Equation for a Stable System: Fiction


“I once knew a man who told me that there was a mathematical equation for a Stable System — a state of equilibrium in which events can be predicted, planned for. This struck me as extremely useful (my own life being fraught with instability), so I asked him to write it down for me. He scribbled a set of incomprehensible hieroglyphics onto a piece of paper that I carried around in my wallet for years and referred to in moments of anxiety. While I never had any insight into what the symbols actually meant — not being of a mathematical bent myself — I took great comfort in the belief that there might be a logical equation that explained the events of my life. Years passed, and the man disappeared (as such men are wont to do).  I carried the formula around with me, and pulled it out from time to time. Eventually, it crumbled in the wash and disappeared.”

* Exerpted from “The Riddle of the Stable System” by Anne Marie Sconberg



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