Christel Dillbohner

 First Time Art participant




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Artist’s Statement

For me, art has always been visual research and dissemination: investigating events and concepts through uncommon viewpoints and tools, then transforming ideas and material into “visual catalysts”, offers me a perpetual challenge, the basis for my creative process and the means for a nonverbal communication with others. Over the years, I’ve expanded my material language: worked with clay and sculpted paper, spent days in the darkroom, explored the use of wax, added oils and pigment to my palette, and collected a multitude of natural materials and cultural debris for my assemblages. The outcomes of my visual studies, which often involve travel, are manifested in my paintings, collages, assemblages and sculptures. I present these in intimate or large-scale site- specific installations, often accompanied by talks and workshops.


I received my degree in painting from the Kölner Werkschule in 1984. In 1987 I moved to Los Angeles. Since 1996 I live and work in Berkeley, CA. My work has been exhibited not only in Germany and the US, but also in Canada, Italy and Japan.