Denise Olenak

Five Time Art Party Participant • Art party supporter
Smoking Cessation and Gospel


Artist’s Statement

ANNE: I am FRANTICALLY TRYING TO GET ARTISTS’ PAGES FINISHED. Do you have ANYTHING  you would like to say about yourself or this piece…or life in general?


DENISE: I will try to compose something tomorrow between packing boxes and consuming as much cheese as I can before we leave. ❤️   Most of the tapes were Smoking Cessation and Gospel, as I recall. I think there were some annoying children’s music tapes as well… You can see the tape covers on the back side….


It’s about 3′ x 4′ and hangs on a French cleat. I thought about it being an installation of sorts with am old tape playing radio and tapes to play just beneath it—but that would require power.