Harry Powers

First Time Art Party Participant


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Artist’s Statement

The definition of art that I like best is that of Suzanne Langer who said, “Art is that which makes the felt and the sensed tangible, so that others might contemplate it.” Intuition seems more valuable than deductive reasoning and I seek to make work which is provocative to the viewer’s imagination. As in much of jazz music, the content is evoked rather than literally narrated. My interests and curiosity are eclectic. I incorporate any techniques or materials which help articulate the works, ideas, and feelings. Often images gleaned from contemporary science combine with those using historical viewpoints. Sometimes images will be the visual equivalent of some quality or essence and might be abstract, symbolic, or literal. I draw on a variety of resources including a rich background in art history, and a life long fascination with the cultures of primal people. Geology and music have been important since boyhood and in recent years a deep interest in contemporary physics and astronomy has developed…. Currently, I use the computer to monitor galactic images from the Hubble and Galileo spacecrafts as well as to view Renaissance manuscripts. I am a painter and a sculptor and like to combine the two.