Jane Peterman

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This artist loves working on large canvases. Using techniques borrowed from printmaking as well as traditional painting the artist applies pigment to canvas in a random/organized way, using brushes, knives and fingers. Slathering on the paint, washing paint away, searching for a new way to create expressive, interesting pieces, the artist scratches, scrapes and marks the wet paint. These techniques are employed in the “Word” paintings as well where writing from experience takes center stage. The playful creation of work follows from her philosophy of life: Learn something new every day and put it to use tomorrow.


Nonobjective work such as that of Mark Rothko, Richard Diebenkorn and Agnes Martin involves a connection to ideas, social constructs or spiritual practice.  Peterman’s work has become focused over time on the education of girls and the treatment of women in society.


Born in Port Arthur, Texas, Jane Peterman attended local schools before moving to Dallas for graduate studies. While raising her young children Jane discovered the nurturing quality of art-making and began her daily practice. Eventually moving from her dining room to her own artist studio, her work has grown both in complexity and size. Jane has won many prizes during her art journey, but the most important thing to her is making the work.


This award-winning San Francisco Bay Area artist holds a master’s degree in business administration and, after a successful career as a CPA and entrepreneur,  she began making art, focusing all her energy on learning about and making art which has sustained her for over 15 years. Not considered either academic nor outsider, this self-teaching artist attempts to make her art entirely personal, thoughtful and professional.


Peterman has exhibited in California, New York and Texas and has collectors in the United States and Europe.