Peter Inshaw

 First Time Art Party Participant • Art party supporter
From the Series “Movement of Dance”


Artist’s Statement


Both my parents were artists; mother painted watercolors, father was an inventor.


I have always drawn, but my hands like being involved, so sculpting is my preference, if I give myself the time. Whether that’s wood, clay or bending extra voice coil wire into life forms, I like the feel of the process. These days it is with something mechanical, with vintage Italian cars getting the brunt of my force, but it spills into all aspects of life as creativity does.


My professional life is entwined with creative people and I feed off being in a place to help draw that out, make it tangible, mold it into some final form.


To me an “artist” isn’t so much about doing or making, but seeing life in its own way.

Sometimes that vision overwhelms your being and pours out of you in such a way to share with the world, sometimes it all plays out in your head.


Both are unstoppable.


My love has brought dance to my life, drawing it out of me, as well as flooding my life with its expressions on stage through her passion of movement. It is from this that my series “ The Movement of Dance” came to be, no longer able to be contained in my head alone.


And so these images happened and we get a peek, not so much at a dancer performing choreography, but the flow of their soul thru dance. Great dance is an out of body experience for some dancers. It lightens their feet and to us appears as they never truly touch the ground.


Years go into making that magic happen, drawn out by those who know, who see, who desire more than steps on a stage.




Peter Inshaw