Shelly Bradbury

First Time Art Party Participant
Antibody Memorial 2012 — Cambridge, England


Artist Website


Artist Statement

My sculpture is a direct response from the interior life. I continually seek the invisible subtleties in nature and try to translate them into visible form. I am inspired by the many dwellings where beauty lives and the senses are heightened by its unexpected forms.
The inner “essence” of each sculpture conveys a sense of grace and honesty which is expressed outwardly in form, balance, and movement. It is in this visual language that the conversation begins.


About the Antibody Memorial Project

LOCATION:  Cambridge, England
SITE:  Milstein Building, Granta Park
COMMISSION:  Create a Memorial for one of their chief scientist.
DESIGN SOLUTION:  Designed an Antibody that was high-tech using modern materials.
CHALLENGE:  Working across the Atlantic from US to the UK.
Project was successful.
MATERIALS:  316 stainless steel with mirror polish, bead blasted stainless steel base, crystal clear resin, LED lighting.
SUB CONTRACTORS:  Aatec Services LTD. UK, Benson-Sedgwick Engineering. UK,  CMA Moldform. UK, Magers Products, W.D. Bairstow Co. -Mechanical.