Shelly Sconberg Meredith

Six Time Art Party Participant • Art party supporter

The Yoga/Chakra Series


Artist’s Wesbite


Artist’s Statement


This series of seven oil paintings is a modern representation of the chakras using traditional colors and symbols as backdrops for yoga poses that help balance each chakra’s energy. The symbols in the lower left of the images are the Sanskrit symbols for the chakras.


Each painting, while monochromatic in overall appearance, contains the full spectrum of color in its detail. This use of color not only invokes the relationship of part to whole, it also allows the paintings to indicate depth and form in a unique way that’s not possible through photography.


The model and advisor for this series is Elise Lorimer, of San Francisco.


About the Artist

I spent my childhood days riding horses and running through the hills of a cattle ranch in Salinas, California. When I was ten, my family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I now live with my husband, two children and a small menagerie of pets. Much has happened in the interim, but unaltered are my early passions for nature and animals, space, rhythm, poetry, balance.


My goal as an artist is to capture the magic that makes a memory. I see such beauty in the patterns, colors, and textures that surround us every day. I delight in finding an interesting scene and distilling it, taking all of the brilliance of a field of vision and condensing it into one dynamic canvas.