Sylvan Adams

 First Time Art Party Participant


from the series “watermarks”



Artist’s Website


Artist’s Statement

My photography reflects the musings, discoveries, and revelations that come to me from observing the eternal interaction of light and dark, both inside and outside of ourselves. They are about contrast, balance, and the dynamics of relationship; light and dark is the visual and psychological metaphor.


Flying is one of my many passions. Change in perspective is exponentially inspiring. I see far and wide, from various altitudes, light and angles, and drift into images both within myself and out in the aether. I lose myself in the intrinsic sensual qualities of Nature.


About the Artist

Sylvan Adams was born in Mainz, Germany.  She received her BA in art from San Jose State University and her Masters from the hode Island School of Design in Rhode Island.  She teaches Art at Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California where she has been actively building the visual arts department and curriculum for 32 years.   She also works as a freelance artist in calligraphy, painting and creative writing. She has published a book of poetry and photography, Leitmotif, further exploring this theme of light and dark. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Providence, Foster City and at UC Santa Cruz, Women’s Studies, and Stanford University School of Education.