Will Marino

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Artist’s Statement

Paper dartboards make up the bulk of the raw material I use in my work. I start by taking a hammer and smashing out the center of the board, then I extract rings of wound paper, pulling them apart until I get to the outer edge of the board. The rings of wound paper are then unwound into long strips of paper about the thickness of a brown paper bag. All that’s remaining of the dartboards color and pattern is on the edges of these long strips of paper.


As I rewind the paper strips new patterns emerge, intricate spirals and concentric circles replace the dark and light wedges, numbers and text that used to be a dartboard. I work the rewound strips into different shapes and pack them tightly into frames to create images that reference the movement and flow of water and air, and the sparkle and shimmer of the night sky .In the more sculptural work I take the same paper strips and wind them into discs, I then push and pull the paper into bowls, cones, domes and arches. The paper is then treated with gel medium and pigment to fix the form and give it color.