Adon Valenziano

First Time Art Party Participant


Loxodonta daliensis

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About the Artist

Born in Tucson Arizona in 1968. Adon grew up amidst the astonishing natural beauty of Mendocino County in Northern California. An enthusiastic admirer of the exquisite forms found in nature he considers the evolutionary process the most accomplished of all sculptors. While Adon’s own sculptures are deeply rooted in the forms found in the natural world his work also references the synthetic or machine world as well as the work of other artists, both contemporary and historic. Adon is fascinated with symbiosis and hibridity and creating fictive organic/synthetic entities. He has coined the term “biometamorphic” to describe these hybrid creations, from “bio” meaning life or organism, “meta” meaning to transform or transcend and “morph” meaning form or shape. Adon currently lives and works in Santa Cruz California.