Bill Gould

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Artist’s Statement

I am a Bay Area native with over twenty years experience in public art with contracts that include commission, fabrication, and installation. I strive to create interesting, surprising and engaging public art primarily in the mediums of metal, cable, glass, concrete, ceramic and recycled materials. My sculptures are inspired by physical, community and historical context and the proportions and forms found in nature.


The majority of my work has been focused on large scale collaborative public art for the urban environment. Most of my work takes the form of sculpture or fences, and in many cases are larger than life representations of elements found in nature. I have worked with the City of San Jose on multiple art projects as well as the cities of Campbell, Milpitas, Emeryville and Dublin on their “Art in the Parks” or “Art Along the Avenue” programs. In addition, I have worked with over fifteen schools to incorporate collaborative public art into their campuses. I am currently working with the Czuby Housing Authority in Lublin, Poland to develop an eight meter tall steel and ceramic poppy sculpture that will be one of the first pieces of interpretive public art in Lublin since the 2nd World War.