Charlotta Hauksdotter

  First Time Art Party Participant
Iceland Triptychs



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Artist’s Statement

Infused with personal history, landscapes represent physical spaces that are uniquely tied to a person’s identity and sense of being.
These discontinuous landscapes are constructed based on memories and the emotional interpretations of familiar places and scenes from an estranged homeland. Each landscape is a 20×60-inch uniform piece comprised of three individually mounted photographs, hung vertically, flush, showing images of the same location taken from different vantage points. The scale and vertical orientation of the images envelopes the viewer, enabling an intimate experience of the work and a highlighted awareness of self in the environment. Dynamically, the sense of movement and flow between the interlocked images is interrupted at their disjointed seams, representative of the gaps in perception where recollections are formed, and where new memories recreate lost landscapes, to exist only in our mind.


About the Artist

Charlotta Maria Hauksdottir is an Icelandic Fine Arts Photographer based in Palo Alto, CA.  She graduated with an MFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004, and previously received a BA in Photography from the Istituto Europeo di Design, in Rome, Italy. Charlotta has participated in several group exhibitions around the world as well as solo exhibitions in Reykjavík and California.  Her photographs are in numerous public and private collections all over the world and have been published in several magazines and books.