Evan Holm

  Knight Foundation Gallery Finalist
Record Fossil | Moon Calendar #1



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Artist’s Statement

Holm creates artifacts from a world where humans have long since disappeared and new forms of life have gained foothold upon the discarded architecture of our present civilization. Materials for these works begin as present day discards, leftovers, and forgotten flotsam. In this discordant utopia only traces of the human race remain, and the collected detritus merges into beautiful new life forms and complex ecosystems. Transistor tubes create a bustling hive within an ancient bureau. A turntable is brought back to life nestled into a woven nest. The humble umbrella, the modest stapler, the iconic vinyl record, and the crushed carcass of a Chevy Impala are engraved into rusting fossils that lovingly display the crumpled inventiveness of human ingenuity. As a whole, Holm’s sculptures and flat work generate glimpses of a future where the boundary between man-made and nature-made has dissolved into a family of hybrid organisms and abandoned relics.


About the Artist

Holm earned his BFA in Sculpture from UC Santa Cruz and graduated with honors as an Irwin Scholar. After graduating he moved to Oakland to continue the investigation into large scale installations and interactive sculptures. Collaborations and have included events with Peabody Award winning journalists The Kitchen Sisters, and Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin. Holm has performed at the SFMOMA, The California Academy of Sciences, and recently screened a short film at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. He continues to live and works in Oakland, Ca.