Marc D’Estout

Two Time Art Party Participant • Art party supporter


Dark Menace


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Artist’s Statement

I am plagued with eclectic curiosities, finding myself drawn to dark imagery as much as off-center humor. I am intrigued by the psychology of the blatantly ambiguous, by the uncertain image or form… objects that suggest a profound meaning that might be found only in our subconscious.


My early experiments in sight-specific installations required encountering my temporal work from the inside. A story line was usually presented, coupled with implied information that manipulated viewers. Often these pieces were supported by drawings that either served as preliminary guides or reinforcements of a premise.


Through further experiments, and a significant passage of time, I became less interested in impermanent experiential work and more interested in object making. Reading story lines into objects was more challenging, and the combination of concept with craft felt more satisfying during incubation periods. The act of hand-making has become my Zen. There is nothing digital about the process of metal fabrication, a process that I have deeply embraced. Cut, hammer, shape, weld, file. Even though concept continues to drive the imagery, my more recent work repeatedly engages these metal fabrication skills, which I continue to hone. Despite shifts in my practice over time, I’ve continued to make drawings, and the resulting artifacts either serve the same supporting role or, in some cases, become the final product.