Sudnya Shroff

 First Time Art Party Participant
Unlearning Obedience

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Artist’s Statement

​​Through my work, my primary desire remains to create an emotional response in my viewers with the hope that this response will lead to the inevitable provocation of introspective questions within them—questions that will nudge us together to a better understanding of our universe and our place in it.


My expressions are snapshots of my internal emotional state at the time that I make them, not unlike photographs that serve the same purpose for our external states. When words fall short, colors help me fill in the spaces.


Most often, my desire to create comes from an internal place of restlessness as I attempt to go to that sweet place where I lose sense of space and time and, briefly yet surely, bring down the wall between my conscious and my unconscious – my own form of meditation.


My greatest gift from my art has been my coming alive with the true understanding of giving—that it doesn’t come from having something to give, but rather when there is nothing in me that’s trying to take.


So long as my work invokes a reaction in you—my viewers—whether expected or unexpected, favorable or not, it’s when I make a connection with you, that I get the satisfaction of having succeeded in communicating.



About the Artist

​​Sudnya Shroff is a Bay Area artist who currently lives in Los Altos Hills in the peninsula. Born and raised in India, Sudnya graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication in 1995 before moving to the US for postgraduate studies in Electrical Engineering at the Iowa State University. After completing her masters, Sudnya worked at Intel for 5 years before switching careers.


In 2002, just before the birth of her second child, Sudnya dropped out of her Engineering Management degree at Stanford and quit her promising career in engineering to devote herself to the arts. It took until 2011 before Sudnya got her break in the art world and has since had several art shows in California, New York and India. She also wrote and published her debut novel Unraveling in 2012. Her work is unmistakably influenced by her passion for the sciences and the arts.


In April 2012, one show, one idea, complimentary skill sets and shared passion with her designer friend Surinder Dosanjh Kang, led to the birth of Dosanjh Shroff, a premier clothing brand that exclusively uses her art prints on fabric for producing high end couture for a discerning audience.