Susan Kraft

 First Time Art Party Participant • Art Party Supporter

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Artist’s Statement

My formal training is in art and science. Looking over several of my series, you might see how I love to subjugate arcs and corners, or spheres and boxes, or just the endless emptiness of space. No matter what period of work you you examine, you can see mathematical influences throughout my work.


The most intrinsic influence of anything I paint is following my muse(s?). Sometimes I don’t know why I painted something, until it is nearly finished, or a whole series is complete.


I love to work and play in the deep rich colors of paint, even though I struggle to add color to my own life. You wouldn’t know unless I told you, but if no one really cared, I’d happily wear black, white and dark blue every day. Considering the influences of my muses, I’ve come to believe opposites do attract, at least in the color realm.