Wesley Wright

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Artist’s Statement

In observing the creations of man and nature I am absorbed by the grotesque and eccentric, as well as the beautiful. For this reason, I’m compelled to magnify their idiosyncrasies. I delight in the alchemy of putting creatures and objects together creating systems with their own logical order. I imply a mythology that is informed by our past but is in keeping with our modern circumstances. As I live my life, I collect ideas, imagery, and objects that fascinate me. From this reservoir I draw the inspiration for my work. Some of my symbolism is obvious and some more obscure, but all chosen to help process and critique the world around me. My work is successful if the viewer is filled with the same sense of wonderment that I experience as I try to understand what it is to exist in this place at this time.


About the Artist

I was born in 1983 and grew up in Berkeley, California. I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree from Humboldt State University in 2007. Having spent 9 years living in Humboldt County, my creativity was nurtured by the magnificent natural environment, as well as the quirky and vivacious community. I received my Master of Fine Arts Degree from San Jose State University in the spring of 2013. Living in downtown San Jose for four years I became inspired by technology and industry, and its relationship to the natural environment. I recently moved to Oakland where I have a new studio. I currently teach Ceramic Sculpture at Santa Clara University.


Instagram – wesleytwrightart

Email – wesleytwright@gmail.com