Yvonne Escalante

  Two Time Art Party Participant • Art party supporter
Kernel of Truth, In a Line

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Artist’s Statement

As a trained metal-smith, my process relies on a circumscribed frame. I work in precise, deliberate movements to define my world in millimeters. As I work I am reminded of generations that came before me; just as they perfected their craft, I strive to perfect mine. My work pays homage to all those craftspeople who continually find their hand displaced in our modern landscape.
As I work, I am reminded of people who have passed, and livelihoods that quietly slip away. These memories, some real, some fabricated, weave together a new narrative that melds tradition with contemporary life.
I am fascinated by objects of our manufactured environment. Since the time of the industrial revolution, handwork has been replaced by increasingly sophisticated means of manufacture. Objects that were once unique have become mass-produced commodities, cheaply made and easily replaced. Utilizing relics of the not-too-distant past, I reference a time when industrialized production first began to change our world in small but significant ways. Through appropriation of form, I reclaim the traditions of craft, transforming relics of industry into handmade objects—each unique, yet familiar.
My handmade industrial objects draw inspiration from history, myth, and current events. I deconstruct objects both literally and metaphorically, redefining form and function. Melding corn with bullets, toys with implements of child rearing, symbols of war with symbols of mending, these altered forms lay fertile ground for discussion.
As an educator, I continue to challenge the boundaries of traditional and contemporary art forms. My goal is to demystify age-old traditions so that these tools will be passed on to the next generation of makers. As I look strongly to the past for inspiration and technique, I strive to both challenge and communicate our evolving history.