Deborah Trilling

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Artist’s Statement

I am a teacher, curator, and artist working in Silicon Valley.  I am a  specialist in what art educator and author, Betty Edwards, calls Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.


My artwork reflects many different styles. I have done large scale portrait paintings such as the portrait of Olivia, a painting/sculpture series on the Holocaust, (some of which can be found in Bittersweet Legacy: Creative Responses to the Holocaust), dress paintings ,  still life paintings , animal paintings, and photography.  Two ongoing projects are photographs entitled, The Wit and Wisdom of Dolls, and an illustrated work with brief inspirational quotes entitled, A Journey through PTSD .


Recent work includes paintings of toys for an installation on Childhood and Nostalgia and oil paintings based on iconic images of Western art from the Greco-Roman, Renaissance, Mannerist, and Baroque periods. I have also dabbled in children’s book illustration and have kept visual journals for the last several years.