Dotti Cichon

Two Time Art Party Participant • Art Party Supporter
Garden Court Palace Hotel, San Francisco


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Artist’s Statement

My work is an exploration of the medium of photography and environmental issues. No matter what form it takes, my photos are meant to touch the human psyche and evoke emotional response, sometimes subliminally. These photos on silk are of my interpretations of actual places transformed by unique perspectives and reflections. As a photographer, I attempt to keep expanding the limits of the medium by innovating and experimenting with new techniques and new ways to incorporate photography into our daily lives. This body of work can be exhibited as art on walls, draped from ceilings, or worn as scarves. Originally, it was exhibited as an installation in Finland titled “Urban Forest” with the silk panels hanging so visitors could walk among them as if walking through a forest. But, instead of trees, they were walking between “skyscrapers.” This was based on my personal experience of living in Silicon Valley. When I first moved here, it was all orchards with scattered homes, stores and buildings here and there. Now, it is virtually all homes, stores, buildings and parking lots with only one square block of orchard preserved as a “heritage orchard” to honor the past. The installation was meant to subconsciously remind viewers about the need to maintain a balance between “progress” and preservation. My photography on silk or other materials may be ordered in virtually any size. I also do custom designs for homes, offices or corporations that express a spirit of place.