Katherine Kerr Allen

 First Time Art Party Participant


The Gathering In








Nature is the subject of my work.


The remembered rhythms of breathing woodland air, the silence of sitting at waters edge, cacophonies of birdsong and the quivering rustle of leaves, these are some of my many raw materials. The “I” exploring the natural world and the world inhabited are of equal importance to the work.


Organic shapes or plant forms and their gestural movements are recurring components. I cultivate gardens and wetlands where I can harvest living plant materials to be incorporated directly into my mono-printing and painting processes.


Stitching or mark making with thread is another favorite component of much of my work. Whether applied by hand or machine, the thread that rhythmically pierces and binds cloth or papers leaves a residue of time and touch intended to merge an abstracted image of nature and a unique, personal moment of making. The resulting art is literally a meeting place of self and nature:


A meditation for mind, eye and spirit.




Katherine K. Allen loves talking to plants. Her colorful artworks bring that conversation to life visually. With a vocabulary of lively gestural marks, abstracted botanical shapes and subtle textural stitching on cloth Katherine brings the outside inside. These “soft paintings” are steeped in the experience and atmosphere of the natural world and evoke landscapes that feel both recognizable and imaginary.


Katherine’s art is exhibited in the Carbbean, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States. It is held by museums and in public, corporate and private collections. Born in Brainerd, Minnesota Katherine holds a BFA and received her MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  She maintains her primary studio in Easton, Maryland.