Kristin Lindseth

 First Time Art Party Participant









As a sculptor and a printmaker, I am drawn to the alchemical nature of the processes, in which the final piece is only fully realized in its final material after going through several other material states.


Time is an important concept in my work; our personal time, and past time through references to mythology and places of origin. In both my Intaglio prints and bronze sculptures, labyrinths are used as metaphor for personal time in my work; the labyrinth of choices we make within the time which we are given in life. In the broader sense, time is nonlinear and all inclusive, so I bring in references to the past; ancestors and places of origin (through architectural references), and ideas of the future.


My bronze sculptures include heads, figures and fragments, and are about the universal experience of being human. They deal with the life experience of men and women of diverse cultures, ages and backgrounds, particularly with respect to relationship.



Kristin Lindseth Rivera is a nationally exhibiting sculptor and printmaker and educator. . Among the museums which have shown her work are the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (Marin MOCA), the Triton Museum of Art and the Euphrat Museum in Santa Clara, CA the Morris Graves Museum in Eureka, CA, the Haggin Museum in Stockton, CA, the Los Gatos Museum, and the Palm Springs Museum also in California. In 2013 Kristin had two Two Artist exhibitions with husband and artist George Rivera; “On Being Human at the Morris Graves Museum in Eureka, CA, and “Dark Forest” at Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco, CA.


Kristin’s work has been represented by Vorpal Gallery, Palo Alto, CA and Freeman Gallery, Palo Alto, CA, Oakland Museum Collectors Gallery, Oakland, CA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Sales Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Group 21 Gallery, Los Gatos, CA, and Solo Gallery, Los Gatos, CA.


Currently her sculpture is represented by Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco,CA and by the Morris Graves Museum Collector’s Gallery, Eureka, CA. Kristin is also an Associate Faculty member at Mission College, and an instructor at the Triton Museum of Art.